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Here you can download puzzle-program which imitates the game with real elements of the pictures. You should just download any photo or image, choose how many parts you would like it to be divided into, which form should have the pieces of the puzzle and so on - and try to put the pieces together into a single whole. All you need to do is just to download the puzzle free of charge by pressing the link below.

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Jigsaw Puzzles are considered to be one of the most popular games which were created not as entertainment but as teaching game with the help of which it was possible to learn world geography doing it like a game. With the course of time a logical game happened to be quite an expensive entertainment but nevertheless the popularity of jigsaw puzzle was growing constantly and at present this is one of the most games to be called for and which has success as with children as with adults.

There are few who know how the history of the game began, but practically every user of PC can use puzzles which are adapted for many operational systems. Having downloaded virtual jigsaw puzzle, one should lay it out the same way as an ordinary game, using by this the mouse like the meaning of control.

Such a game has its advantages. You will have the opportunities to choose any pictures you like or to make puzzle from photo or from any other picture. You don't need to worry now that one of jigsaw puzzle's elements can be lost.

It will not take to much time to download and to install the file and one should not have any special skills for it. You just download the file and will have the opportunity to solve jigsaw puzzle any time suitable for you while sitting at your computer's monitor. To put one picture together can take you at about several hours. Everything depends on picture's complexity and your skills in Infinite Jigsaw Puzzle.

After downloading install the game the way you like, choose the complexity of jigsaw puzzle and play, training your skills. The game develops logical thinking and attention and gives the possibility to spend your free time with use and interest.

download free jigsaw puzzle


Puzzles became extremely popular in America at the time of Dry Law. They were so popular that in big towns one organized the competitions as for putting puzzles together. It was especially interesting to look on the team competitions when huge pictures consisted of several thousands details were being put together.

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